Looking to Register for the 2021 Junior Season Ahead? Instructions below!


See below on how to register for the season ahead, It is required you register for minimum training only prior to training commencing.

  1. Download Rugby Xplorer app on their phone (Search in App store or google play store)
  2. Returning members (Log in)
  3. New members (Sign up)
  4. Select Register
  5. Select your child – if not there click add
  6. Choose Nambour Junior Rugby Club (Do not register under Nambour Rugby Union Club, Ensure it is the Juniors)
  7. Select Role (choose Training Only Participating)
  8. Registration type – Select - XVs Juniors QLDC (for boys) or  7s Junior Girls (for girls)
  9. Duration – is the season
  10. Enter Personal Details
  11. $15 fee – this will be deducted from full registration when signing up as a player

Come on down on Thursday 4th February from 3pm for any help with registration and to get your registration pack!

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