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Sunshine Coast Rugby Union - Colts

In 2020, the Nambour Toads are looking to re-enter the SCRU colts competition. After a hiatus, the club has the support of a number of key areas to develop a successful Colts program. The Toad colts train with the senior teams at 6:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays from January 21st onwards.


RugbyAU/Insurance, QRU, SCRU - $187.00

Club                                                      - $70.00




  • Nambour Toads full membership
  • RugbyAU insurance
  • Provision and laundering of playing jerseys
  • QRU levy
  • SCRU competition management & QRRA referees
  • Match Day medical support and strapping
  • Post-game refreshments​​​​​​​
  • Nambour Toads training kit, including shorts and socks.
  • Presentation Night Ticket
  • Club Polos can be purchased for $40

Check out the calendar for preseason information here!

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